Family Resources

Finding out that your child has type 1 diabetes can be overwhelming. Once the initial shock passes, the intense education process begins. It’s a new way of living, and there is so much to learn: nutrition, ketones, glucose levels, monitors, carbohydrate counting, highs, lows, insulin dosages and the list seems to go on forever. The fears and questions may seem to also. You receive so much information from your doctors, diabetes educators, and dieticians, but then the time comes when you and your child go home and “do it alone.” But you are not alone.

JDRF was formed by families living with type 1 diabetes to first of all find a cure, but also to help families of children and teens cope with this
way of living.  We do understand your fears, questions, and yes, even your tears. We are not professionals, but concerned parents who have been where you are.

If someone in you family has been newly diagnosed and would like to meet a mentor family to talk with – contact the Northern Nevada JDRF staff  at / 775-786-1881 and you will be connected with a local family.

JDRF recognizes the critical importance of ongoing peer-to-peer support for people with diabetes, so we’ve created a Facebook group, JDRF Northern Nevada Outreach for Type 1.   (This page must be searched for within Facebook.) This page was created to help mentor newly diagnosed families and encourage you even if you have been living with diabetes for a very long time, to join the discussion so it can be robust and helpful. This page will also serve as a reminder for various JDRF outreach hosted events as well as a place for you to form your own community events.

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