Bag Of Hope

We know how difficult it is when a loved one is diagnosed and living with diabetes. It is for that very reason we are happy to provide newly diagnosed families with a”Bag of Hope”.The Bag is a comprehensive collection of education and support materials, put together by parents of children with diabetes for parents of children with diabetes.

Has a member of your family been diagnosed with diabetes recently? JDRF Northern Nevada would like to send you a Bag of Hope.

“Bags of Hope” contains a variety of educational and comforting support materials–some geared to the child, and some geared to their caregivers–the most popular of which is Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes, but also includes a support video, children’s books, and an Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter.

“Our favoritepart of the bag, of course, is Rufus, the Teddy Bear with Diabetes. Hehas diabetes just like your child, and wears his own Walk T-shirt and medic alert bracelet. He also has colorful patches wherever they take “paw sticks” or insulin shots on his tummy, bottom, arms and legs”.

We do understand…we know firsthand the toll of type 1 diabetes on a child and family because someone we love has it. We wish you all the best ~ and please know that you’re not alone. If you are a Northern Nevada resident and would like aBag of Hopeyou can contact us at 775.786.1881or email us at

The Bag of Hope is aJDRF national program, so if you live outside the Northern Nevada area and would like a bag, please contact your closest JDRF office (click the locations bar at the top of this page).HAVE HOPE!