Diabetes in School

All students with type 1 diabetes (type 1 diabetes) need a strong network at school to help them properly manage their type 1 diabetes on a daily basis. Cultivating good relationships with school staff is key.

As the parent of a child with diabetes you know the day-to-day disease management is intensive and the school plays an important role in this care.

JDRF has developed a new resource to support and empower families as they communicate with school staff throughtout the year. This toolkit helps to make sure that every child enjoys the best possible school experience.

JDRF’s School Advisory Toolkit

Disclaimer: The JDRF staff/volunteers responsible for compiling the resources are not health care professionals. Neither JDRF nor the staff/volunteers engage in rendering any medical professionalservices by making information available to you, and you should notreplace advice of qualified medical professionals. You should not make any changes in the management of type 1 diabetes without first consulting your child’s physician or other qualified medical professionals. Under no circumstances will JDRF be liable for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages arising out of any use of our information.

If you are a school nurse or a clinical aid or any medical professional that works with type 1 patients, download a on-line version of the adult type 1 toolkit.
To request a hard copy please email us at northernnevada@jdrf.