Volunteer Spotlight: Craig Hansen


Keeping us on our toes

Everybody is ready to pitch in and do their part at JDRF’s Greater Iowa Chapter. That’s because JDRF is a well-managed organization in general, but also because Craig Hansen recently completed his term as the Chapter’s Board President. He explains, “Since our Chapter had already achieved much success prior to my involvement, I wanted to focus primarily on board engagement and accountability. We have recruited and retained many talented board members and I want to make sure that we establish expectations.” Under Craig’s leadership, everyone has a sense of duty and this team spirit is felt by the staff and volunteers alike.

Craig holds the Chapter in very high regard and wants a cure for T1D as much as anyone living with the disease. He came to JDRF after looking for a way to give back to his community. It all started when the Chapter was in need of a “numbers” oriented volunteer. Networking led Mary Hunter, then the Executive Director and currently the Director of Development Budgeting & Forecasting of the Chapter, to Holmes Murphy, an insurance company where Craig is a Senior Vice President. With no direct connection to T1D, Craig was unfamiliar with the disease until he met with Mary. Craig says, “She was very persuasive and after learning more about JDRF and the people affected by T1D, it was an easy decision.” He became involved right away.

When Craig took on the role of Board President, he developed a platform of duty and ownership. He says, “We have a very passionate group of board members and we need to make sure that we match their talents with our needs.” His business experience often comes into play. He says, “I help manage a large insurance brokerage firm where sales is our primary focus. Whether you’re selling an insurance product or raising money for JDRF, you have to develop clear expectations, measure success and hold each other accountable.”

It’s not all talk. Craig is motivated by the JDRF mission, believes in the research and works hard to engage the community. He meets with local corporate leaders to explain why their involvement can make a big difference in the creating a world without T1D. It’s second nature for him to present the value of partnering with JDRF.

The Chapter appreciates Craig’s approach and the staff and volunteers feel lucky to work with him. Mary says, “He provides leadership knowing that the staff and volunteers work tirelessly to make us the best we can be…He is a teacher, a coach, a friend to all of us.”